I am not able to login How can i take a model private Streaming movies not playing Downloaded movies not playing on my computer Billing support
I am not able to login
Note that the login system is Case Sensitive. Username "JohnDoe" is different then "johndoe". You could also try and find your login info with the find login page. Or else contact customer service for assistance in retrieving your login info.
How can i take a model private
Every registered customer has a virtual credits account with this site. Your account can be updated with credits by making an online payment. At the buy credit pages, you can select to do a payment with your credit card or other method. The amount of credits bought will be updated into your account. Once you have credits in your account, you can click the "go private" button, which is located in all the free chats under the video, to go 1on1 live private.
Streaming movies not playing
If you have any problems viewing the online streaming movies. Please make sure you have the latest adobe flash player installed: get free flash player. If you do see a movie playing but it stops and plays and stops and plays, not fluently. Make sure you are watching one movie at a time and not download anything in the background on your computer. Watching the online streaming movies require a proper and good download internet connection on your computer, with reasonable computer hardware. Otherwise you can always download the movie to your computer and play it locally. (streaming movies can be downloaded with the link underneath the player. You need to login first).
Downloaded movies not playing on my computer
If you have any problems viewing the downloaded movies on your computer locally. Especially if they have a .flv or .mp4 extension. Then download the following player at this page: free vlc player. This is a free media player developed by students and can play any format.
Billing support
Do you have any questions regarding the billing system for credit cards or other payment methods. Then best is to contact customer service directly for any billing questions or issues. Credit card statements may show: Itmpd, CCbill or Epoch. If you like to visit the billing support pages from the billers / payment gateway providers you can do so here: epoch billing support or ccbill billing support.